Fat Chicken Farm LLC

We do things differently.

We do not manage a waiting list.  Our chicks are sold first come first served to mailing list subscribers. 

How it works:
First we alert you to availability and let you know when the chicks are for sale. 
Then we will email a password to log into the store and order chicks. 

  • Minimum 10 - maximum 20 chicks per order
  • Shipping is automatically calculated based on your zipcode using USPS Priority Express Shipping Rates 
  • Shipping rates run approx $40 - $70
  • If there are fewer than 10 chicks available, buy them and email the office.  We will work with you to increase your order to between 10-20 chicks and send them the following week. 

Sometimes chicks are available on short notice, sometimes we can give more advance notice. 

 Add fatchickenfarmllc@gmail.com to your contact list so we don't get lost in spam. Unsubscribe at any time. 

Thank you!

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